Dear Valued Guest, The Resort is closed during winter season. All activity programs including Restaurant menus will be uploaded shortly before the Resort opens for the summer.

Sunprime Offers

Upgrade your holiday

Bed only guests:

From bed only to bed & 6 breakfast                                                     € 50 per person per week

From bed only to inclusive with 6 breakfast, 5 dinner,                           € 135 per person per week

Bed & Breakfast guests:

From bed & breakfast to Inclusive with 5 dinner                                    € 85 per person per week

Inclusive dinner includes the following: Buffet with saladbar, warm dishes such as (fish, meat, chicken, vegetables) desserts. Includes 1/2 bottle of wine or beer or water or softdrink/person

For more information please contact reception, public relations officer or a member of the staff.