Services & prices

Change of Pool & Beach towel is free of charge, can be changed in the reception between 17,00-19.00 every day. For each lost Pool & Beach towel 20 euro will be charged to your account.

Day use of room on departure day 45.00 euro if available (until 18.00 hours and only upon request due to allotment in Scandinavia, ask the reception staff for further details. Day room can only be guaranteed if you have pre booked it in Scandinavia)

Breakfast per person and day 9.50 euro.
Dinner buffet per person and day 14.90 euro.

Telephone in the room:Please dial 0 for external line. The cost for the call will be charged to your room bill. To call to another room is of course free of charge, dial 2 followed by the room number.

If you would like to have late check-out,ask in reception after 17.00 the day before your departure if possible at a cost of 32.00 euro until 15:00 or 46.00 until 18:00.

Welcome Package including flowers, fruits, snacks, beer, wine and water can be booked in the Reception for the price of 36.00 euro.

Taxes and fees

The authorities on The Balearic Islands levy a tax on hotel stays. This tax varies according to official hotel category and length of stay, and must be paid when checking in, either by credit card or cash.

The following tax rates apply per person and night for all guests aged 16 or more, during the first eight nights. 

Hotel/apartment with official category 4+ and 5 stars: 4.40 euro

Hotel/apartment with official category 3+ and 4 stars: 3.30 euro

Hotel/apartment with official category 1-3 stars: 2.20 euro 

From the ninth night onwards, the tax is halved. Note that the Tour Operators classification of the hotel may differ from the official category, which the basis of this tax.